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David Schrenker

Web Developer / Designer

  • ASP
  • VB.NET
  • C#
  • .NET Framework (1.1 to 4.0)
  • MVC
  • Razor
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • jTemplates
  • JSON
  • jQuery Ui
  • CSS (1.0 to 3.0)
  • HTML
  • HTML 5
  • WCF
  • REST
  • XML
  • XSD
  • XSL
  • XSLT
  • SQL
  • TSQL
  • LINQ
  • Entity Framework 4.1
  • SSIS
  • SSRS
  • SSAS
  • DTS
  • Action Script 1.0 and 2.0
  • Active Directory
  • DFS
  • UML
  • Microsoft Office (all versions)
  • Microsoft Visual SourceSafe
  • SourceGear Vault
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Microsoft Visual Studio (up to 2010)
  • Microsoft Expression Suite
  • Microsoft Project
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Business Intelligence Studio
  • IIS
  • Telerik Web Control
  • Dundas Web Controls (Chart, Gauge & Map)
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Flash
  • QuarkXpress
Operating Systems
  • Windows (Up to Windows 7 & Server 2008)
  • Mac OS (all versions)

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Graphic and Desktop Design Diploma (2000)
Best Portfolio - Nominee, Summer 2000


Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

.Net Framework 2.0 Web Applications

Macromedia Flash MX Designer (MMCP-D)

Independent Coursework

Leadership Skills and Team Development for IT and Technical Profesionals (02569)

American Management Association

Blue Cross Blue Shield Of Delaware

Wilmington, DE

Senior Web Developer, Systems Programs and Development

June 2007 - October 2010

Lead Web Developer, Systems Programs and Development

October 2010 - Present

Duties include acting as Web Application Architect providing the overall guidance and structure for creating and maintaining the whole web presence of the company. Enacted a core set of development standards and coding practices for error handling and notification, role -based security, UI design and data reuse (WCF, Web Service, REST). Established source control standards beginning with the migration of the entire source control library from Visual Source Safe to Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010 (TFS).

In addition, I lead a team of 7 developers providing the technical guidance and mentoring for all development projects. I also lead a team of 3 developers to provide on-call support for all web applications.

I also continuously mentor numerous developers throughout IT in the areas of the .NET Framework, SQL and Graphic Design.

In addition to the duties described above, I am also involved in numerous development projects as our department functions on a project basis. Those projects include:


Lead a team of 4 developers to redesign all external facing websites. Included replacing multiple classic asp/html web sites with more modern MVC applications. I also established a central user experience to standardize the external presence. Project includes central JSON/REST services for news and marketing banners and the central CMS management interface for internal staff to maintain the information.

Member Portal

Leading a team of 4 developers to upgrade the existing functionality in the existing legacy security system into the ASP.NET Security Provider Model. In addition, upgrade all legacy data connections to the IMB mainframe to use a Middleware Web Service solution. Project included migrating 4 disparate web applications into one, 3 databases into one and upgrade to SQL 2008, 12 SQL/SSIS Jobs to SQL 2008 and implementing a new user activity logging methodology using WFC Web Services.

Employer Portal

Designed and developed an Employer group enrollment application. This application was originally targeted for small groups (less than 25 members) and is currently used for medium to large groups (less than 1500 members). The system uses SQL and Middleware Web Services to query Legacy data in an IBM Mainframe and communicates with and in-house legacy system for completing the enrolment process.

Your Blue Express & Your Blue Renewal

Your Blue Express (YBX) was the expansion of the employer portal’s group enrollment application. The project consisted of migration from IBM Legacy data source to Middleware web service solution, added functionality to accept supporting documents, implemented a new back-end workflow process, reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and implementation of AJAX. Your Blue Renewal utilized the existing YBX back-end and workflow to add open-enrollment functionality processing for employers.

Provider Portal

Added a portal for viewing a provider’s Payment Voucher in ASP.NET which works with an existing Security System hosted off site. Queries Vignette IDM system using the web service API to view the index information and display the document in PDF format. Lead a team of developers to create a system to suppress the printing of the Vouchers from the IBM Mainframe.


Developed a website to assist current and potential customers learn about and understand Medicare and Medicare\rSupplement plans. Includes an interactive Flash presentation to assist in the "Countdown to Retirement".

Intranet Web Sites

Security Request System

Worked with the Corporate Security Administrator to create a system for managing and auditing all security requests. Manages the three main areas of corporate security; Badge\Building, Mainframe, and Network access. The system contains a custom work flow to obtain all manager or director approvals that are necessary for completing the request and work flow to process the requests.

RACF Transaction Audit

Worked with the Corporate Security Administrator to create a system for auditing Mainframe (RACF) access. The system contains a work flow for all managers to accept their direct reports and approve the access that they are supposed to have.

Active Directory

Built reusable web services to query Active Directory using a mix of the .NET Framework Directory Services and Active Directory Services Interfaces (ADSI)

IDM Vignette

Built reusable web services to query Vignette’s Flow Manager API. This was customized to specific applications built for departments in the company. Handles authentication and filtering.


Pennsville, NJ

Freelance Design / Development / Consultant

September 2001 - Present

Design & develop high-end Interactive websites, e-commerce, and dynamic websites using the Microsoft .NET Framework and the latest web and database technologies. I also provide corporate image and promotional designs services to be used for the Web and Print. Projects I have worked on include:

Delaware Speech-Language-Hearing Association (DSHA), Wilmington, DE

Currently rebuilding the existing website using .NET 4.0 and MVC 3. Project includes new branding and design.

NORDIC, St. Luke’s – Roosevelt Hospital Center, New York, NY

Conducted a complete project assessment for the NORDIC Clinical Trial web site (www.nordicclinicaltrials.com). Web site is an external facing implementation of SharePoint (MOSS 2007). Assessment included review of the existing design and the use of SharePoint.

On the Go Deliveries, Hanahan, SC

Created a basic web site design for delivery and moving company. URL: www.onthegodeliveries.com

Basell USA, Inc. Elkton, MD

Projects include:

  • Online webcast converted from PowerPoint presentations using Articulate Presenter
  • Custom Flash Animation of the Polyethylene Atom.
  • Flash video player and conversion from QuickTime to FLV.

Liquid Hub, Inc.

King Of Prussia, PA


August 2004 - May 2007

As an associate, I worked as a web development and design consultant for the customers listed below. In addition I was a part of an internal project to create a streaming media delivery system for the presentation of videos of meetings, seminars, working sessions, guest speaker events, public speaker events, etc.

AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals; Corporate Headquarters, Wilmington, DE

The first project included creating an interactive marketing module using Adobe Flash which included multiple flash delivery systems integrated with an ASP.NET Web Application for electronic product detail delivery (eDetailing) and eLearning in the US and Global marketplace; countries included include USA, Ireland, Japan, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

The second project was working on a team for the support and development for AstraZeneca’s Media Library product using Interwoven’s MediaBin server application. Media Library is AstraZeneca’s main Graphical Asset storage application reaching Global wide. Daily duties included supporting and maintaining the web applications and servers, customer support and customer training as well as developing training materials for users of Media Library.

Instrumental in created an ASP.NET Administration Portal for managing the Media Library application including User Administration, External Partner Administration and Reporting.

Media Library was the second at application at AstraZeneca to be accessible internal and external. The security implementation used the RSA ClearTrust system for silent authentication for internal AZ users.

The project required an entire system overhaul and a complete Data Migration Strategy working in the confines of the complex multi-tiered AstraZeneca firewall environment.

The new system included an enhancement to the Administration Portal adding communication capabilities and web services for enhanced reporting. Enhancements also included the creation of multiple Console applications in C# .NET to be run as a scheduled task reporting, populate user data for job history reporting and FTP Transfer to support external customers.

Roche Pharmaceuticals

Updated and maintained multiple Adobe Flash presentations for the Accu-Check systems, Accu-Check Compact, and Accu-Check Aviva product demos.

Designer Sign Systems, Inc.

Pompano Beach, FL


September 2002 - October 2002

Design, construct, and install signage for Advanced signage and monument walls. Other duties included assisting Project Manager with shipping and receiving, and maintaining office computer network.

Hollywood Media Corp., Hollywood.com

Boca Raton, FL


January 2002 - September 2002

Design and maintenance of Flash tiles for all landing pages, Design and maintenance of weekly newsletter e-mails and promotional e-mails, production of specialized ‘Microsites’, and other miscellaneous daily/weekly updates.

(January 2002 - March 2002 worked as contract worker through K-Force, Inc.)

Reunion Group / Purcella & Associates

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Graphic Designer

August 2001 - November 2001

Reunion Group

Designed numerous direct mailers for a credit card protection company.

Purcella & Associates

Designed magazine advertisements for Richard Bertram Yachts, Inc. and The Allied Marine Group. Magazine advertisements were published in magazines like Yachts International, Power and Motoryachting, Yachting, Motorboating and many more.

Edge Design, Inc.

Miami Beach, FL

New Media Designer/Developer

June 2000 - March 2001

Design web applications and web sites for the Internet using HTML, Cold Fusion, Java/JavaScript and Macromedia Flash. Design custom graphics, logos and Macromedia Flash Presentations. Customers included:

  • Starfish Oils
  • Luminaire
  • Chevy Si (Chevrolet Latin America)
  • Sharp International
  • Lancôme
  • Maybelline
  • L'Oréal

Computer Center of Davie

Dania Beach, FL

Web and Graphic Designer and Developer

September 1999 - February 2000

Design web applications and web sites for the Internet using HTML, Cold Fusion, Java/JavaScript and Macromedia Flash. Design custom graphics, logos and Macromedia Flash Presentations.

Ground Zer0 Communications, Inc.

Homestead, FL

Technical Support Lead

October1996 - September 1997

Supported dial-up networking connections for Windows 3.x and up, Windows 95 and Macintosh operating Systems. Design and maintain customer’s web pages. Maintain computers throughout the technical support office. Wrote the Technical Support manual to assist the training of new Technical Support staff.

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